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Welcome to the Website!

Our specialty is building and maintaining custom saltwater aquariums. We have built and maintained some of the valley's largest aquariums. We use the most advanced and efficient life support systems currently available in today's market. While many of our competitors are comfortable using yesterday's technology, we have sought out more efficient ways of handling the life support needs of today's demanding aquaria.

Our exclusive use of quality built acrylic aquariums allows us to confidently install efficient plumbing configurations to enhance the performance of the life support components.

We approach each and every installation as if it were a custom masterpiece whether you are building a 75 gallon free standing aquarium with standard cabinetry or a 750 gallon built in with exquisite detail.

We are pleased to announce the availability of standard size marine ready aquariums which are a great compliment to our custom aquarium designs.

Introducing the SPACEARIUM a new and unique way to reinvent your indoor space. This design concept, with its streamlined aesthetic appeal and innovative technology, makes an outstanding design statement in any interior setting.

Browse through the Photo Gallery to see some of our work.


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