Our Featured Projects

270 Gallon Built-In Custom Aquarium

Built to be the focal point of a common room dividing wall in an assisted living facility, this dynamic aquarium holds state-of-the-art technology that remotely controls the lights, wave-makers and pumps for this amazing reef tank.

The plumbing also includes a chiller, a top-of-the-line protein skimmer and custom sump with integrated prefilters. The decor is live reef rock, corals and anemones along with an assortment of reef-safe marine fish.

475 Gallon Residential Remodel Built-In Custom Aquarium

This 7-foot long and 3-foot tall Remodeled Residential Aquarium was built with a powder coated steel stand that sits inside the dividing wall to a dining room.

The plumbing includes Whisper Quiet DC pumps, a chiller, an extra large protein skimmer and custom sump with integrated prefilters. The decor is live reef rock and aquarium-safe false coral.

450 Gallon Two-Tone Modern Residential Custom Aquarium

This Modern Residential Aquarium is made of solid wood construction with a raised canopy on top and a set of steps on the side that conceals a chiller, meant to keep the tank at an optimal temperature all year long.

The life supports system hosts an ultraviolet sterilizer, a magnetic drive pump and an industry standard filter which is installed below the tank inside the cabinetry.

150 Gallon with Custom Stand for Ryan House

This aquarium and stand was built with children and families in mind. The stand is of steel construction and the cabinetry is a Cab paint grade finish.

The life supports systems are installed inside the cabinetry, and the saltwater tank is decorated with brightly colored plastic plants and false reef decor.

600 Gallon Bow Front Tank with Custom Stand & Reef

Made with a steel stand, this bow-front acrylic aquarium boasts a flat-panel set of cabinet doors instead of the more costly curved panel doors.

This custom aquarium was built into a private residence, and the Reverse Osmosis automatic top-off system and maintenance access was built into the garage.

300 Gallon Mid-Century Modern Stand & Custom Aquarium

This Mid-Century Modern design has a floating steel-reinforced stand to lend a pedestal look to the stand. The stand and hood is made of cherry and has modern accents like stainless steel and white laminate sides.

The life support system (the pump, filter, ultra-violet sterilizer) are located outside of the residence, making this a truly silent-running aquarium.

150 Gallon Custom Stand with Logo Elements & Custom Aquarium

This freshwater custom aquarium was built into a donated Miller truck-mounted welder case.

The life support system (filter, pump) was plumbed into the empty compartment underneath the tank.

325 Gallon Modern Aquarium & Custom Stand

This is a beautiful example of a Modern tank, with clean lines and a Cab paint grade facade. The stand is of steel construction with custom cabinetry to hide the life support systems.

The artificial reef in this tank was custom-made with urethane and expoxy to fit the intake and output plumbing for the aquarium.

20-foot – 1,000 Gallon Custom Tank & Stand

This is one of our largest constructed aquariums to date. This magnificent 20-foot aquarium is the focal point in a local sushi restaurant.

Stocked with false coral and brightly-colored silk and plastic plants, this epic tank is a freshwater aquarium that boasts an automatic water change and top-off system.

450 Gallon Doctor’s Office Reception Desk & Custom Tank

This gorgeous bit of modern design is a bowfront aquarium that was custom built into a receptionist’s desk in a prominent doctor’s office.

Since this was a custom installation when the office was being built, the life support systems were plumbed into another room to make the aquarium  run silently.

10-foot – 375 Gallon Doctor’s Office Reception Lobby Custom Tank

This 10-foot long aquarium is a Double Bullnose design. Made with Emerald Green Steel wrapping, this modern aquarium is the centerpiece for a dentist’s office.

The stand is made of powder-coated steel and the cabinetry holds a pair of pumps, an ultra-violet sterilizer, a sump filter paired with a protein skimmer and a phosban reactor. The reef was fabricated in our shop with urethane and epoxy to conceal the plumbing in this tank.

40-foot long – 4-foot deep Custom In-Floor Aquarium

This incredible installation connects a rich living room to a pond out behind the residence.

This indoor river facade was made with 1.5-inch acrylic panels built directly into the floor with a stainless steel support and an exterior life-support system.

800 Gallon Custom Tank & Stand in a Corporate Office

Most aquariums are made into the shape of rectangles or cubes, but this beautiful aquarium is in the shape of a parallelogram!

Made with a wooden stand, the cabinetry is veneered in exotic zebrawood and white marble. The life support systems are all inside the custom cabinetry down below.

300 Gallon Custom Wall-Inserted Tank

This lovely aquarium was custom-built into a residence. The stand/wall base is reinforced with steel and the custom cabinetry covers the entire wall.

The life-support system is built underneath the tank, inside the wall, to minimize the plumbing.

900 Gallon Custom Wall-Inserted Tank

This was a custom-built aquarium into the wall of a residence. It’s size is deceptive – it holds a whopping 900 gallons!

Decorated with false coral and bright saltwater fish, this impressive installation allows the viewer to see directly into the other room. The life support system is plumbed inside the wall, underneath the aquarium.

200 Gallon Custom Porthole Aquarium

This clever design was requested for an office location. The porthole view was custom-designed for the office space and built into the wall.

The life support system was plumbed into an adjacent closet to provide minimal noise inside the waiting room.

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